Excellence at every step. 

The Gilbert + Burke Process

Gilbert + Burke is committed to setting the standard of excellence in our industry in all aspects of your project. We go beyond just the construction of your project: we offer a comprehensive service that brings everyone on board.  

Building in either a Fixed Rate or Construction Management capacity allows our clients the choice as to their level of involvement in the day-to-day aspects of the project.


Given a set scope of work and a honed project vision, Gilbert + Burke can provide a fully-managed, and fixed price project arrangement. We will outline the project details fully and set a price for an agreed scope of work. We will liaise with all trades, vendors, and suppliers, to secure the best results and the finest materials for your project. Less hassles. Less surprises. Let us take care of it.


Allowing our clients a more involved build experience, Gilbert + Burke can operate in a construction management role. We will oversee every aspect of the build while allowing you to be involved in sourcing and decisions surrounding trades, vendors, and suppliers. This allows you be a little more fluid in your decision making during the project. The choices are in your hands but you can rest assured that we have it all covered.